Prepare to enter the fast-paced world of high fashion and deep secrets, as first-look images of the cast and characters of Sky Atlantic’s Riviera are revealed.

Set against an awe-inspiring backdrop, the series is part compelling family drama, part high-octane crime series, giving viewers a first-class ticket to the opulent French Riviera playground of the super-rich. Created by Oscar®-winning writer and director Neil Jordan (The Borgias), Riviera is based on an idea by former U2 manager Paul McGuinness, with the first two episodes co-written by Booker Prize-winning author John Banville (The Sea).

The 10-part Sky Original Production brings together an international cast including Julia Stiles (The Bourne Series), Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones), Adrian Lester (Hustle), Anthony LaPaglia (Without a Trace) and Phil Davis (Poldark). These new images feature the family at the heart of the series’ deceptively picture-perfect world, and its captivating and complex characters.

Julia Stiles (The Bourne Series) leads the cast as Georgina Clios, the smart and resourceful second wife of Constantine Clios who dies in mysterious circumstances in a yacht explosion in the opening episode. Georgina slowly begins a journey from light to dark as she discovers how little she knew about the man she loved and the world he lived in.

Irina Atman, the ex-wife of Constantine Clios, unleashes a maelstrom of emotion following her former husband’s death, manipulating the Riviera landscape to assert her power and position as the lynchpin of the glitterati. She’s played by Oscar® nominee Lena Olin, best known for her roles in Vinyl and Chocolat.

Golden Globe® and Emmy® winner Anthony LaPaglia (Without a Trace, Frasier) stars as Constantine Clios, a billionaire philanthropist, head of Clios Bank and husband of Georgina. Following his death aboard the yacht of a Russian oligarch, dark truths about how he maintained his immaculate, gilt-edged lifestyle emerge, throwing Georgina into a world of crime and double-dealing.

Adam, played byIwan Rheon (Game of Thrones, Misfits), is the eldest son of Constantine and Irina, who hopes to lead the simple lifestyle of a writer. Despite largely rejecting the family’s opulent existence, inside the resentment bubbles away, pushing him over the edge as the forgotten son who may hold the key to what happened to Constantine.

Christos, played by Dimitri Leonidas (The Monuments Men, Sinbad), is the inheritor of Constantine's position as head of the Clios business empire - although it’s only after his father’s death that Christos realises just how much of a poisoned chalice that is. The responsibility placed on him in the turbulent aftermath of his father’s death weighs on his shoulders, and cracks begin to show in his demeanour.

Adriana, the youngest child of Constantine and Irina, is a complex and troubled character. Every interaction between her and Irina is subtly tainted by unanswered questions and she has always felt a distance between herself and her parents. Despite feeling out of place, it’s her love for her family that encourages her to bring them back together, but that’s soon shaken when she’s thrown into the dark about a family secret. She’s played by French-Austrian actress Roxane Duran, known for her role in White Ribbon.

Adrian Lester (Hustle) stars as Robert Carver, an old art school friend of Georgina who rose through the ranks of the illegitimate art world selling forgeries and stolen paintings. He is a pragmatic man, and will try his hand at anything to achieve the status that he has always been denied, but his authenticity and relationship with Georgina is tested as she is drawn even further down a dangerous and criminal path. As well as starring in the show, Adrian is directing two episodes.

Karim Delormes is an inspector in the Nice police force. All Delormes has ever wanted to do is catch the bad guy, and thinks of himself as a saviour of the Riviera. He’s played by Egyptian film and television actor Amr Waked, known for his roles in Luc Besson’s Lucy and Lasse Hallström’s Salmon Fishing In The Yemen.

Igal Naor (The Honourable Woman, 300: Rise of an Empire) stars as Jakob Negrescu, the former head of security for Constantine. Having left the Clios family, Negrescu found himself on the wrong side of the law and, despite his outsider status, quickly rose through the underworld of the Riviera to sit atop a pyramid of drugs, prostitution and violence. The sudden death of his old boss Constantine throws his comfortable position into uncertainty.

Also appearing in the 10-parter is Phil Davis (Whitechapel, Poldark), who plays Jukes, a British art fraud investigator trying to get to the heart of Constantine’s financial misdealings. Based in Interpol’s HQ in Lyon, Jukes arrived in Nice following the death of Constantine and is on a personal mission to expose the corruption of the very wealthy.

Available for Sky’s 22 million customers to enjoy, Riviera will be shown in 2017 exclusively on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV in the UK, and on Sky Atlantic in Ireland, Italy, Germany and Austria. Co-produced by the Altice Group, the show will also air in France on a premium pay TV linear channel to be launched this summer.

Riviera joins a host of Sky Original Productions airing on Sky Atlantic in 2017 including Guerrilla and Tin Star, as well as returning series such as Fortitude and Gomorrah. Sky Q customers will also be able to watch Riviera in Ultra HD, with up to four times the definition of HD.