Broadcaster says it will continue to provide ‘comprehensive coverage online’

Sky News
is looking to scrap its business bulletins, putting six jobs at risk.

The cost-cutting plan is premised on the thinking that the dedicated news bulletins cover much of the information viewers can now get online, such as FTSE movements.

It does not affect flagship programmes such as Ian King Live.

“We have put forward proposals that will mean we no longer have specific business bulletins in our television output,” said a spokeswoman for Sky News.

“Our business coverage is still a core part of what we do and business stories will simply be incorporated into our schedule, as well as having a strong presence on digital platforms. It is important to stress at this time that these are just proposals and we will be discussing this with those affected before final decisions are made.”

An internal email sent to staff says Sky News will continue to provide “comprehensive coverage online” and will look to hire a new business correspondent and producer to boost its specialist newsgathering team.

Earlier this month it emerged that Sky News was to trim its presenter lineup, with three anchors leaving.

Last week, Sky News and Sky Sports announced that 50 studio roles would be made redundant following the introduction of an automated system controlling robot cameras.

In May, Sky News director of content John McAndrew, news chief John Ryley’s right-hand man, announced he was leaving after 11 years.