Charlotte Crosby and NOW TV launch ‘Aqua Daemon, Supernatural Spring Water’ – a new bottled water to hydrate and protect fans watching Outcast on FOX

Following its arrival on NOW TV last week, new FOX horror series Outcast, from the makers of hit show The Walking Dead, has been gripping fans up and down the country. Centred on a young man troubled by recurring possession, NOW TV has teamed up with Charlotte Crosby to help fans stay protected from unwanted demonic attention.

In the riveting pilot for the show, Reverend Anderson (Philip Glenister) uses protective water in his attempts to exorcise a demon from a small boy. Now fans of the show can now do the same, thanks to ‘Aqua Daemon – Supernatural Spring Water’, a thirst quenching bottled water that not only keeps dehydration at bay during TV viewing, but also protects against demonic possession.

As the face of the new water, Charlotte Crosby experienced possession first-hand for the filming of a tongue-in-cheek advert demonstrating the powerful effects of ‘Aqua Daemon’. Watch the video here: Redirecting...

Charlotte Crosby, reality TV queen and fitness fanatic said: “I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead and am already gripped by Outcast, so I jumped at the chance to be the face of Aqua Daemon. I’m really into healthy eating and ‘exorcising’, so a hydrating and demon-repelling water seemed like the perfect fit for me and I got to encounter a different spirit for a change!”

Gidon Katz, Director of NOW TV said: “We’re obsessed with watching Outcast, it’s really starting to possess us all. So we decided we couldn’t watch without protection any longer and created ‘Aqua Daemon – Supernatural Spring Water’. It’s great that one of our favourite Geordies, Charlotte, shared our passion for safeguarding our viewers as they consume the first season of FOX’s Outcast on NOW TV.”