Changes to Channel 5 - Sky Community - 2393501
Hi all,

Channel 5 will be making some changes to how it broadcasts on the Sky platform; these changes will affect future Sky+ recordings and series links on the channel.

Of course, you’ll still be able to record your favourite shows on Channel 5 with your Sky+ box. However, if you have live in an affected region and have any recordings scheduled after the relevant date, you’ll need to make a few quick changes to your settings. If you don’t, those recordings will be unsuccessful.

Here’s the list of areas affected and the date for each:

Scotland - 23 November 2015
North of England - 30 November 2015
Northern Ireland and London - 7 December 2015

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • After the relevant date, go to your Sky Planner.
  • Delete any scheduled recordings on Channel 5.
  • Go to Channel 5 in the programme guide (105 for SD customers and 171 for HD customers) and reselect the shows you’d like to record. Remember to include your Series Links.

This does not affect recordings scheduled before the date of the changes; it does not affect viewers in the Midlands, South of England (outside London) or Wales and does not affect recordings scheduled on Channel 5 HD, Channel 5 +1 or Channel 5 +24 or any other channels

Remember, if you miss your favourite show on Channel 5, you can always use Catch Up TV to find Demand 5 on your Sky+box.