The New Sky Arts |


We're incredibly thrilled to share some exciting news about a sparkling new future for Sky Arts.The Big News

We've always been the only channel in the UK dedicated to arts - now we're going to match that with a bigger and better collection (over 1,000 hours, in fact!) of great arts content, available to watch whenever you want, on demand.

We're also combining Sky Arts 1 and 2 into one Sky Arts 'superchannel', which will move up the EPG (electronic programme guide) to page 3 (channel number 121). Whatever arts you're most passionate about you'll be able to find them all in one place from 9th June. That's more shows on demand, the best of both channels all in one place, AND a channel that's easier to find.

The full list of channel changes happening on Tuesday are as follows...

121 Sky Arts HD
129 Sky 2
130 Sky 1 +1
170 Sky Atlantic +1
172 Real Lives
173 Real Lives +1
​217 Sky 1
​221 Sky Living
​222 Sky Atlantic
​223 Sky Arts

(Sky 1 HD, Sky Living HD and Sky Atlantic HD will still be at channels 106, 107 and 108)

A Great New Line-Up

The new channel will still have all the great programmes you've come to expect, from opera and ballet to country music and rock, plus all the great drama, comedy and documentaries you know and love. We've also got many more original commissions on the way.

Click this way to see the line-up of new shows we've announced >>

It's Easier To Find The Shows You Love

One of the things we are mindful of with Arts content is that whilst people don't like all the Arts we can pretty much guarantee you'll like something. So we're also making it easier to find the content you love, in two ways:

Firstly, the new on demand services will mean you can get to collections of your favourite stuff. If you're a classical music fan you'll get collections of the best classical concerts, opera or ballet; if you're a heavy metal aficionado it'll be so much easier to find headbanging shows at the press of a button.

(If you're a Sky customer and haven't connected to on demand, find out how here >>)

Secondly, we're making it easier for you to know when your favourite shows are on courtesy of a clearer TV schedule:

  • Mondays is Classical Music time - and on the first Monday of every month we'll bring you the Hot Ticket of the moment, whether that's theatre, classical music or ballet.
  • Tuesdays is when we'll broadcast our Factual Entertainment event shows: watch out for Guitar Star (starting June 9th) where we search the country for Britain's best undiscovered guitarist. We're also currently filming Landscape Artist of the Year in partnership with the National Trust. This follows on from the success of Portrait Artist of the Year.
  • On Wednesdays we dig a little deeper with documentaries that take us into the stories of the greats, whether that's Classic Albums or The South Bank Show (the new series of which starts with Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin).
  • Thursday is drama and comedy night - we kick off with Rhys Ifans starring in artist Jake Chapman's first foray into TV - The Marriage of Reason and Squalor - a brilliantly surreal four-part take on a romantic tale.
  • We continue to bring you the best in foreign drama on Friday night. That includes the return of acclaimed Danish series The Legacy.
  • On Saturdays and Sundays you can enjoy some of the greatest live performances in rock and pop.

We'd love to hear about the kinds of things you all love and want to see more of, so Tweet us @SkyArts or come and chat on our Facebook page.