A little late (I meant to post this last night but forgot),

Any customer who has no discounts on their tv package and doesn't have either Movies or Sports can get them both free for a month until Sunday 28th September.
Alternatively if you have Sports already or don't then you can get Movies free for a month instead.

Buyer beware though!
The Movies only offer has an immediate downgrade exemption up to 35 days from upgrade date (in case you forget) but the "top tier" (Movies & Sports) offer is a 31 days notice downgrade so you need to give the notice the same day that you do the upgrade otherwise it will cost you more. To be totally fair I should draw your attention to the fact that it is a 30 day month and it's 31 days notice to downgrade so you WILL pay 1 day of full price Movies and/or Sports at the end of the offer.

This offer is always run in 30 day months!