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That is what normally happens. It is what is known as a 'tie pair' which transfers the service from the main cabinet to the Sky one. If you were still on your old ISPs equipment you would not be able to get Sky, so someone is telling porkies. If the work has not been carried out properly or faulty material has been used, that is down to BTO, who have complete control over what happens in their exchanges.
That's unreal. Why on earth would the engineer come up with such an elaborate description, including that there was still no cease order for the old equipment? I should probably say at this point too, that he said the wires were strung between the Sky cabinet, and the old equipment. He didn't mention any main cabinet. This off the wall description of events only served to cause even more upset. Why didn't he simply say, "there was a cable fault which is now fixed?" I would have found that far easier to swallow than a tale about wires strung between 2 cabinets, which made it sound as if the pair was hanging in mid air and had been dislodged.
What a bizarre thing to do.

No matter anyway, I'm off to pastures new soon.