Hi all

For reasons that are now longer relevant any more, my Sky Talk (and Broadband) services have been terminated by mistake. Many angry conversations with Sky have resulted in a "sorry but there's nothing we can do now" and I have been told that I have no carrier and will need to order new services (probably NOT from Sky now!!)

Yesterday my line went dead and I had no service, yet last night my I received a phone call (Hi Mum!) which alerted me to the fact that my phone line had gone "live" again. Sky deny all knowledge and when I dialled 150, I got a BT multiple choice machine on the end.

So my questions is....do BT normally take ownership of a phone line when a service is terminated, and am I to expect a bill from them any time soon? As I didn't request their service, I wouldn't expect to be bound by any obligations to them.

I now don't know if I can order new phone and BB from anyone until I figure this one out!