Just sat watching TV yesterday I noticed our phone on the table light up and display a number for a second or two but didn't ring. The call log listed an unusual number (probably some telesales company) so I just assumed they had started to call but hung up before our phone rang.

Today however, it did the same thing and this time it was someone we know ringing. The phone lit up with the number for a couple of seconds, didn't ring and then cleared again.

We phoned the person back and they told us our phone hadn't even rang and just went straight onto the 1571 answer phone. We then rang 1571 and found 4 messages that went back to Tuesday night, none of which we had heard ring.

We tried calling the house phone with a mobile several times but each time, the mobile number would appear on the phone but not ring.

We have two phones in the house along with three Sky+ boxes and the broadband internet.

I unplugged all the phones and plugged one into the master socket (which is an ADSL filtered facelpate). The phone still didn't ring. I then took the faceplate off and plugged the phone straight into the test socket, but yet again the phone didn't ring, just displaying the phone number on the screen for a few seconds.

We tried phoning the house phone again and this time answered it as soon as the number appeared on screen, the phone connected and everything was fine with the line.

Does anyone know what could be the problem? The internet is working fine and the phone line is as regards using the phone to talk, it just doesn't ring!!

I've just seen a few posts about Sky Talk outages in different areas but nothing is mentioned about Stockport or Woodley where we live.