We have been advised that this evening Openreach will be repairing the damaged cable thatcaused this week’s outage in the Broadstairs and Ramsgate exchange areas.
Openreach have been provided a window of between 8pm and midnight for the work to take place. To complete the repair they will first need tocut the cable that provides Sky phone and broadband services, this will result in an outage of up to 40 minutes for all customers. Unfortunately they have been unable to providean exact time when the outage will occur
If you lose your internet connection or phone dial tone this evening it’s very likely to becaused by this outage, so please bear with us.
We will be in constant communication with Openreach while conducting this work and will keepyou informed of any updates.
We’re very sorry for the inconvenience our customers in Broadstairs and Ramsgate haveexperienced over the last few days.