I would just like to write this short note to thank Sky for resolving my phoneline issue.

My line had a dial tone and I could dial out but incoming calls would only ring once, if at all.

On making calls to Sky customer service they traced my fault to my outside line and passed it on to BT.

On every occassion I spoke to Sky they were very polite & professional.

They left me with what we thought was a working line, after many tests, but it would only re-set the phone for time to knock it out again.

I don't usually write on these forums but as I'd used them to try an "self diagnose" my problem I thought it was only right that I took some time to try and balance the customer service experience with a positive one.

On the plus side I was also informed by Sky that my broadband had been capped and a call to Sky after my line was fixed would significantly increase my speed and would take 20mb.

So with so many people with negative comments about Sky, I hope this goes a little way to suggest that it isn't all bad.