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    Unsolicited Cancellation

    This is a discussion on Unsolicited Cancellation within the Sky Talk forums, part of the Other Sky help and support category; On the 18th January my telephone and broadband service was disconnected in what Sky have told me was an "unsolicited ...

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      Unsolicited Cancellation

      On the 18th January my telephone and broadband service was disconnected in what Sky have told me was an "unsolicited cancellation". Eleven days later I still have no service.

      Sky have told me that to get my service back I will have to go through their "New Customer" process and get a new telphone number. However they cannot do this until my previous service has been fully cancelled and their "system has updated". After eleven days the Sky system has still not "updated" and on Friday evening I was told that when they are able to set-up my "new service" it could take until the 17th March to get reconnected !?!?

      Strangely when I speak to BT they tell me the line is still active and there is no cancellation on the line. If this is the case I might be waiting a while for the Sky system to "update".

      I have spoken with approximately 14 different Sky representatives in the Technical Support Department, Provisioning Department and Customer Hub Department. No-one is able to explain why I was disconnected and no-one is willing/able to tell me who authorised it. In the meantime whilst I continue to have no service whatsoever Sky have taken money from my account for line rental on a line they claim has been cancelled.

      I have written and faxed a letter of complaint to the Customer Relations Department but they refuse to respond in writing. I have also requested a copy of my bill to be posted to me so I can understand what monies Sky have taken and was told that they could only email it to me - helpful when I have no internet connection at home !

      Some of the Sky representatives I have spoken with have been polite and have tried to help. Some have been rude and unhelpful. None however seem to have the technical knowledge to actually sort things out.

      Any suggestions on what I should try next are welcome.

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      Re: Unsolicited Cancellation

      Send an email to jeremy.darroch at detailing what you have posted here. This will be passed to Sky's top level customer complaints troubleshooters, who will resolve this asap..


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      Re: Unsolicited Cancellation

      also go to the communications ombudsman

      Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman - Home

      they can talk you through what to do and how to get a quick resolution if possible,

      there are very strict rules and regulations concerning supply of phone lines and Sky needs to comply with them.
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      Re: Unsolicited Cancellation

      Similar issue. My service was interupted due to non payment of bill. My phone was in the condition of outgoing calls barred which meant that I could receive calls. The bill was paid and was told that my phone would be on within 72 hrs.....120 hrs later I call sky to find out that they will have to cancel my account and restart which will entail a new number and 3 weeks to have the phone put back on.
      They say that there is no way to keep the same number....ridiculously if I don't cancel and get reinstated I can still use the same number to receive calls.
      Calling BT they have told me that I can go back to them and keep the same number......
      TOTALLY CONFUSED. !!!!!!!!!!
      Can't believe that if I accept the ridiculous offer I will be without a phone for a minimum period of 3 weeks and with a new number which will be really inconvenient...
      Can this be the only solution they have or is it just that this is the easiest thing for them to do?????

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      Re: Unsolicited Cancellation

      I think, and this is only my opinion as I have no proof, that the first people you get when you ring sky have only limited options that they can tick on their screens so they tell you that is all that can be done. If you keep insisting to be passed to the next level you may eventually get to someone with the authority to sort your problem out. Don't bother to speak to their managers as they are even more pig-headed than the phone drones!

      Try to find a number for customer relations or email Jeremy Darroch as Isitme suggested to try to get to the people with the ability to sort the problems out,

      Cancelling a service is certainly a "sledgehammer to crack a nut".



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