I recently logged into my account to take up the offer of signing up for 12 months broadband therefore reducing it to 7.50 per month. On the account upgrade page next to the box you tick for broadand is another for Sky Talk Freetime which is free so I also ticked this box.

I received emails form Sky confirming my upgrade and one asking me to ring CS which I did. I found out that although Freetime is listed on the account upgrade page Freetime is in fact a down-grade to just free evening an weekend calls and not 24/7 calls which I had.

The young lady was very helpful cancelling the Freetime and reinstating the 24/7 package. Maybe it was me being a bit thick but the wording is rather confusing and at no time were you informed that you were actually down-grading your account.

I've also posted this in the Sky Broadband section.