Unfortunately I missed my BT Openreach engineer visit on Monday as the chap apparently turned up at 8:45 whilst I was on my way to my house (not moved in yet) for 9am. I was expecting a confirmation of the appointment on the day but just received a few missed calls (from various numbers including my work) but no voicemail. Contacted Sky and they told me I need to pay 105 for a new appointment. I queried why I need an engineer to come and visit when there has been a BT Line for years in the house until the house was sold end of March this year and that the previous owners took their phone number. Sky spoke with BT who advised me to check if the line had a dial tone and to do some tests and report back the findings from dialling 150 and 17070 as if they worked I should be able to get a remote activiation. I phoned up this morning and said that the line had a dial tone but reported nothing on 150 but dictated a number back to me which when dialled is not a number in existence. Despite the phone line not being with a provider and appearing to have a dummy phone number but "active" i was told that BT have to send an engineer out. I again queried this to Sky as surely all i need is to be re-connected at the exchange given that there is no reason for an engineer to be physically present. Sky just re-iterated that BT have to send an engineer out so I had to cough up 105 for what I should imagine will be a 5 minute visit. I can't contact Openreach to ask if I can just be re-connected but does anyone know if I can do any further tests to prove I don't need a visit or is this a good money making scam from Openreach to charge for a job that involves no work at site?