Not sure if this is the correct area to post this, but we have a really annoying problem that hopefully can offer us some advice on?

We have been with Sky for a few years now. Last May my girlfriend set up anonymous call barring onto our package because of some annoying calls we were getting,we rang to cancel it in the July, we moved house in the July also and experienced no issues with moving house/package/telephone line etc.

We have moved house in January and we paid for an engineer to come out to fit the dish which was no problem, all set up, at the start of Jan we were advised by Sky that we would be contacted within two weeks to arrange the installation of our telephone line and setting up of broadband in the new place.

Come the first week in Feb we still hadn't heard anything and obviously we were reliant on the use of our mobile phones so I called Sky, the Moving Home team advised me they were aware of our move and moving packages over and were in the process of sorting our telephone line, the member of staff put me through to the wrong department and a Manager in a completely different department picked up.

He also admitted that it was wrong that no-one had contacted us since the start of January re our move, and told us there had been some problems on our account, that when we had added anonymous call barring last year, when they have tried to remove it from our account, their system would not allow it, so they had been charging us ever since our 'cancellation' of it (without our knowledge) and that someone had raised a form with the Sky IT Department to ask them to manually remove it from our account, anyway, he had put a note on the account basically asking us for a call back the following day as he admitted it was unacceptable that no-one had contacted us.

...... Two days pass and still no contact from Sky so I rang the moving home team again who basically told me the same rubbish, that there had been a form raised with IT and could only apologise that we hadn't been contacted, they could not give me any form of eta, and by this point we had been without phone/internet for 5 weeks. I asked to be put through to the cancellations department who was also confused with what was going on, and subsequently raised another "strongly worded" form with the ICT Department asking them to remove anonymous call barring which is preventing them from adding anything else onto our package. She offered us 6 months half price television which I said I would only accept pending the fixing of this problem, she advised someone would call me back within the next few days.

...... Another week passed and guess what, still no contact from Sky, so again I got on the phone, got fed a load of rubbish again from the Moving Home team so I asked to be put through to the cancellations department. Spoke to someone who was really helpful, advised me to send in my mobile phone bill asking for the calls to Sky to be repaid back as I was now reliant on the use of our mobile phones.... He said he knew who had been dealing with our original problem, again stated it was unacceptable that no-one had been contacted and that he would e-mail the guy originally dealing with the problem, asking him to contact us that very same day, he also advised us he would keep an eye on our account for the remainder of that day to check if any notes had been added etc. We also found out that when the problem is fixed (if ever) it could be anything up to another 4 weeks for them to send out an engineer to sort the line/install broadband etc.

Eventually late that day we got a call, who we think was from the same guy in Cancellations (my g/f spoke to him) who told her we would get a call within 48hrs giving us information..

Today is 3 days later and I have again spent the morning on the phone to Sky on my mobile phone basically asking for some sort of resolution to THEIR problem.. which ultimately lies within their computer system, the first guy I spoke to had ran up and spoken with the ICT Department who told him they could give him no sort of ETA on the problem being fixed and it is a problem with the "backend computer system" which needed fixing, again no sort of resolution for us, eventually after 50 minutes (the most of which on hold) the guy came back on the phone telling us we would be contacted within two days again.

We rang again and asked to speak to the cancellations department, spoke to a lady who told me the ICT Manager was stood next to her and asked if I wanted to speak to him and ofcourse I said yes, obviously knowing the lazy members of staff at Sky, he wouldn't come to the phone and the lady again told me there was no sort of eta on fixing the problem, another form had been raised on our account this morning and couldn't advise us any further, asking me if I wanted to continue with our cancellation.

We have been treated so bad by Sky considering this is their problem with their computer system, Sky have refunded us the 30 from the 5 we have been paying every month for the call barring, but we are still nowhere from getting a resolution!

Sky had offered to refund us the cost of a line being put in (right back when we told them we were moving) and for us to do it seperately puts us at a financial loss... We have shopped around today and even cheapies want us to pay for a line to be installed in the new place, Virgin Media are majorly expensive and really, we don't want to move from Sky we just want the problem sorted..which at this stage isn't going to happen anywhere in the near future.

Can anyone advise what to do next? We considered writing a strongly worded letter as that appears thats the only place you get a response from Sky, and threaten them that we are going to complain to OFCOM, can anyone advise any further?

I have asked sky if they can set us up a new account, which would resolve the problem straight away which they told me wasn't possible. We called back and I asked if I could cancel the package in my name, and set up a new account in my girlfriends name (at the same address) which I was advised "you're not allowed to do that, and if the order went ahead, and Sky were to find out that you had done it, you would probably be charged" despite me advising them this was ME trying to find a way round THEIR problem!!

We are tearing our hair out here and really ****** off with the customer service and no answers that we are getting. We ideally don't want to move to another service as Sky works out the cheapest for us because we have TV, B/Band, Phone etc.

Can anyone please advise or know of any similar problems (which knowing our luck this has never happened before!)