Hi all

My first post on here, so I'll try to keep this nice & short......otherwise you'll find out just how much I waffle!!

We moved home in October 2009 & for first time ever decided to go with Sky for everything (TV, BB, Phoneline & Calls). Phoneline was activated on 04/11/2009 by BT Openreach Engineer who had to come to our home to sort out. Sky had provided him with work order for two landlines, but we told him we only needed one, so he proceeded to set that up for us.

Fast forward to 19/11/2009 when I went to use phone, only to be put through to Sky Customer Service line with a recorded message telling me that our phoneline had been "restricted". So spoke to Customer Services and was advised that BT had put a stop on the line for reasons unknown and so they (Sky) would sort it out. This surprised me as one of main reasons for going with Sky was so we would have no dealings with BT who we had had numerous problems with in the past, but I took it all as fact and left them to deal with it.

Fast forward again to 22/12/2009 when I go to call Sky from the landline (the only calls I could make on it!) and find the line completely cut off. I spent the rest of that day making tens of phonecalls to Sky from my Pay As You Go mobile (ie not cheap calls!!) only to be told line has been cancelled and would need to be set up again from scratch which would take over 2 weeks to sort out. I was continually cut-off, passed from pillar to post and not phoned back when promised by the customer service and to this day I have not phoned them back as I cannot afford to. I have instead emailed them using help@skycustomersupport.com email address but have yet to receive any replies.

So help please!! Should I now talk to Otelo? Write to Sky instead of emails? Just tearing my hair out to be honest as have now been without landline for over 6 weeks and need it as have 2 young children.

Thanks so much for any help you can give.

Happy New Year

Tina xxxx