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    Why can't they just sort it????

    This is a discussion on Why can't they just sort it???? within the Sky Talk forums, part of the Other Sky help and support category; Hello there. I was with Sky for TV, Broadband and Sky talk at my old address and when I moved ...

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      Why can't they just sort it????

      Hello there. I was with Sky for TV, Broadband and Sky talk at my old address and when I moved on 1st August this year I arranged for it all to be moved to my new address.
      Well, the TV and broadband went across OK, but they seem to be finding tranferring my sky talk the most impossible job ever ! They assured me it was sorted but I recieved a BT bill and discovered I was not with Sky Talk. I phoned them, they promised to sort it. Next month, I recieved another BT bill. I phoned again. This time it turned out they had reinstated Sky Talk at my old number. Once again I was promised it would be sorted.
      Next month same again, only this time not only was I still paying BT for my calls, but Sky has also charged me for someone elses Sky calls !!! I have spent hours on the phone, sent e-mails and have been told each time they will definately sort it.
      Now I phoned BT today to see if I was with Sky Talk or not yet and they told me that Sky did transfer me to Talk on 15th December, but for some reason had cancelled it again on 18th December. I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall.
      Anyone got any ideas. I have sent another e-mail today asking them to phone me, as I am fed up of being passed from department to department and each person treating me as if it is a brand new problem !! I have cancelled my DD and told them I am not paying until they sort it, but they still can't be bothered to fix this.

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      Re: Why can't they just sort it????

      I am not excusing Sky or BT for the mess, but you may be making a mistake cancelling your DD. Sky's response to this will be to cut off your TV subscription channels and more importantly your broadband will be cancelled. When this happens it can be an absolute nightmare getting it switched back on. Furthermore, they will not reinstate your service until you give them a credit card number. This seems to be their procedure when a payment is defaulted.

      Sky seem to get themselves into a terrible mess at times, mainly when a 3rd party like BT is involved. Give them their due, in many cases I have seen, they have acknowledge their mistake and fully reimbursed the person who was inconvenienced. In some cases giving extra credit to the wronged party.

      Try phoning Customer Relations and explain your problem. They can often help when the support are bogged down. The last number I have for them is 08442 411 714. It will probably only be 'live' during office hours.


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