What a saga.

Was orignally moving on 16/10. Called Sky Talk team to transfer the line rental start of Oct (getting through = nightmare). Person i spoke to was able to provide me with my new number straight away and advised all would be set up in time for the move.

Unfortuantely I had to cancel this as completion date on the sale was being pushed back. Was cancelled in good time etc.. etc..

No problem - I thought - until I called today to re-arrange the move date for 12th Nov. Person I spoke to advised that:-

1/ They cannot (and don't know how it was done last time) confirm what the new number will be yet. I'll have to phone back tomorrow. (another 3 hours holding)
2/ It will take 2 weeks to order the new line at the new house. Takes me 5 days beyond the date I actually move in.
3/ They can't do a simultaneaous order for line and BB. SO I can't contact Plusnet to ask them to move the BB until the line is active.
4/ A cease order on my line (der - that'll be the people moving in!!) is preventing her from doing anything, so she's cancelled the cease order. This can take upto 48 hours to complete so may dealy my line activation even further.

ok.. but where does that leave the people buying me house??

Oh and 5: They have still charged me the 60 engineer visit fee for setting up HD at the new house - even though this was cancelled. only noticed this after I put the phone down.

What a joke.

Think I'll talk to Plus Net and see if I can move the line rental to them. I least I can get through on the phone.