I have been without being able to make any calls except to Sky since October 2, 2009 and today is October 21! Yes, I have Sky rental, Sky Talk, etc....Sky has unfortuantely not been helpful at all. They said that it is an IT problem and would be solved within 72hrs, then they said it would be resolved within 14 days and now that both deadlines have passed, they have said that it could take up to 1 month.
I used to ve with BT for 3 years and never an issue, teh reason I switched over completely to Sky was to pay just 1 service provider for phone, broadband, etc...
I have decided to switch back to BT for the line rental, as this is unacceptable, has anyone had an IT problem gone unresolevedolved and unacknowledged for 20 days?
No one has called us and eachtime we call they say, there is nothing we can do, we are a callcentre and IT does not have a customer line.
I would appreciate any feedback, suggestions and/or a Customer Realtions contact number that is not the callcentre.
Thank you & reagrds,