Some time in May I contacted Sky to have my monthly amount reduced. I gave up movies, and lost a few other channels. At the same time I switched from BT to Sky Talk, as it was a little cheaper, but also the convenience of having everything under one bill. AT the same time the telephonist told me a bout a deal, that for 5 pounds per month I could get cheap international calls, including to my home of New Zealand. Upon hearing this deal I agreed that we would take it, as we were on Alpha at the time, and it worked out cheaper.
After a month I checked the Sky bill and saw that it was way higher than ever before. I wated for a second month, and again it was significantly higher than expected. Looking closely at the bill I saw that we were being charged outragous amounts for calls to New Zealand. I rang them up and they said they would get back in touch with me, in accordance with Watchdog, within two weeks.
Four weeks later I called them, stating I had heard nothing. They handed over to customer relations again, and I was told to wait.
The day my partner and I were due to go away I recived the letter stating that "...there is no indication that when a (nice typo) requesting our Sky Talk Live Rental service on 31st March 2008 a request was also mde to upgrade your Sky Talk Tarriff from Freetime to Unlimited." They did kinldy give me a 10 pound credit on my account! Yay! Joy to the world!
No indication! Did they listen tothe recording....I would doubt it. ANyway I have left it to them to contact me again, because I am unable to get through to the correct department myself.
Questions: Why would I suddenly stop using Alpha and start using Sky unless I thought it was going to be cheaper. Had I known it was going to be ten times the price, would I have used Sky? Being unaware of the Sky packages, how could I have known about Sky Unlimited, unless someone from Sky had told me about it?

Sky sucks, I have always know this...but what choice dowe have if we want all of the channels?

Michael Harding