Ok so I mostly got sky to watch the super 14 and curry cup rugby as they have the rights to the sport (why I don't know) .SO why is it that every year they seem to show less and less ,it down to like 10% of games ,OK so they do have a weekend round up of all the games but whoopee ...you miss all the action in-between ...

What I would like to know is why do sky insist on having the rights if they refuse to show all the games and all the places that can show it albeit on the net are not allowed to show the games either because of sky rights ....is this OK I think not..
but the looks of it I am being forced to find illegal ways to be able to watch the games which can be done I've managed to find out but in my book isn't right ,I would much prefer a legal way

People have also in the past tried lots of different things like partitions etc but sky just ignores them ,Is there anything I could try that would make them listen