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    Intermittent Blue Screen

    This is a discussion on Intermittent Blue Screen within the Sky & Sky+ TV forums, part of the Other Sky help and support category; Good evening everyone, My Sky subscription and box are 6 months old. I've been having some big issues with my ...

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      Intermittent Blue Screen

      Good evening everyone,
      My Sky subscription and box are 6 months old. I've been having some big issues with my Sky+ HD box over last the month. Started with an intermittent blue screen, initially assumed it was a signal issue on my end as we're in an apartment on a shared dish system. A quick reset seemed to fix the issue and so thought nothing more of it.

      The day after it started playing up again the blue screen flickering on every few seconds until sticking eventually after a couple of minutes to a permanant blue screen. Sometimes by turning the box into standby and back on I then get a green screen. I am not even able to view any menus so realised it couldn't be a signal issue as I'd still be able to view and operate the user interface. The box still responds to pause/forward/back/record etc but the screen remains completley blue.


      • Hard reset by holding down the faceplate buttons
      • Different HDMI cable
      • Different HDMI input on TV

      I left the box unplugged overnight and next day called up Sky but ended up having to deal with our installer 'ABCA Systems' as we're in a block of flats. Whereas a Sky don't charge a call out fee ABCA Systems said they charge a 70 fee unless it's a specific warranty issue with the box. Quite frustrating and therefore I wanted to make sure I was 100% that it was a box issue and nothing in my setup causing the fault. I spoke to an ABCA engineer before they arranged the appointment to make sure I wasn't going to waste my cash and they suggested swapping the HDMI cable and plugging the box back in at the mains. Although I had already tried another cable, I tried a 3rd different HDMI I had spare and to my surprise my Sky box was outputting properly once again.

      I then asssumed I was unlucky and had 2 faulty HDMI cables previously so thought nothing of it. We watched TV issue free for a week or so before going away for 2 weeks. Now our 2nd day back home and the blue screen has returned. I then realised that it probably wasn't the cables but the fact I had left the box unplugged overnight that seemed to solve the issue. This is back up by the fact that if I leave it off for a few minutes I am able to get a couple of hours of TV watching before the blue screen reappers. I am 99% certain I can rule out the TV being faulty due to the fact we watch/play a fair amount of PS4 and also stream a lot through Chromecast. This issue has never happened whilst using those devices. The fact that the issue fixes itself for a couple of days after leaving the box unplugged overnight also seems to point towards the Sky Box.

      I've had a brief search of previous posts and none of the suggested fixes seem to work for me. I'm sure it's a box issue but am worried if I am unable to demonstrate the issue when the ABCA engineer arrives and he switches it off and on again and changes the HDMI and it works for just a couple of hours then I will be liable for the 70 fee. I have been able to record a video of the blue screen coming on and off so I'm hoping this will help my case.

      If anyone with more experience dealing with Sky/ABCA systems and perhaps more experienced in what my fault may be has any advice it would be much appreciated.

      Thanks, Josh.

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      Re: Intermittent Blue Screen

      Hi JJosh and welcome to the forum.

      It is always difficult to be 100% sure but it does sound like a faulty box. From what you describe it sounds as if it could be temperature related. Is there sufficient clearance to the sides, back and top of the box (10 cm is recommended) to allow uninterrupted air circulation and is the box standing on a hard flat surface?

      Is any part of the case too warm for your hand to remain in contact with? If there is sufficient clearance but it is still too warm the internal fan, or its controller could have failed. Whilst a low hum and the occasional click is normal any excessive noise from the box could also indicate a problem with the cooling fan.

      A failing fan or heat sensitive component would be covered by warranty but poor sighting, even if it was like it when originally installed, would not.

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      Re: Intermittent Blue Screen

      I'm starting to get the blue screen as well. Started today

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