HI there,

Just in case, could I suggest the following:

  • Check the HDMI Resolution setting
  • Check what the TV can handle
  • Check that the TV is compatible with 'HDCP' (any TVs bought in the last few years should be)
  • HDMI Port settings on TV

HDMI Resolution

Using your Sky remote press <Services> 0 <Down>

Highlight the 'HD Resolution Output' and cycle through 576, 720p, 1080i & Automatic. As a suggestion select 576 just to get it working in case your TV isn't happy with 720p or 1080i.

TV Specs

Check the user manual for you TV. Look on-line if that doesn't help. I'd recommend the terms "specifications <make> <model>". Some HD TVs work at 1080, others at 720. Generally "HD Ready" means 720. HD should mean 1080. However do check what yours is.


If you have an old HD TV that doesn't support HDCP then the Sky+ HD STB will display an error message to this effect but the message can disappear a little too soon in some cases. This results in a black screen.

HDMI Port Settings

This depends on the TV, so once more you'll need to look at the TV's User Manual. Also check to see if you have a specific HDMI port whihc the TV would prefer for any Satellite STB to be connected to. This varies between models so do look it up. On my own TV I can also label the ports for different kinds of inputs. For example I can choose between Blu-ray, AV Sound system and Satellite STB (thee are a few others). Your TV might not be looking for a picture if it thinks that it should be outputting the sound, for example.