Hi all
Thought i'd join this forum (already belong to many) as i've just upgraded to a 2TB HD box.
Been with Sky since they launched
What's been bugging me today & why i've wasted the day is i cannot get my bedroom feed working with my existing co-ax & magic eye. Yes i've activated rf2 to on.
I've got the screen showing everything inc sound & can control sound, but i cannot change channel etc which is a pain when in bed & having to wander in the lounge where main box is located.
Yes i've even put the magic eye directly off the rf2 connection on the back of the Skybox, that works but won't work as soon as i reconnect to my co-ax in the bedroom (which had worked for years) & also i tried it on another co-ax feed in spare room & that was the same.

It appears from searching the net that others are having problems with magic eye & new 2TB Sky+HD boxes.
Any fixes from you techy guys??

Sorry for the long welcome note.....but my heads buzzing (plus the wife's not talking as i've mucked up her remote control access in the bedroom)

Thanks all