Good afternoon all,

Please forgive me if I have posted in the wrong forum!

I have an Amstrad DRX550 with no Sky package, Iím using the box for freesat and I also have a viewing card.

My issue is that most of the channels I should have are showing the fault;

"No Satellite signal is being received Ė Code 36"

Not all channels though, S4C is working as is Viva and most of the shopping channels. But the Ďmainí channels eg BBC, ITV. C4 etc are not.

Iíve tried doing the power off and hold the back-up button reset but to no avail. Iíve also tried removing the card and reseating it and this hasnít worked either. The card itself is registering as the EPG will go from London to my own region when it is inserted.

Iíve done a search on the forums and have come across similar problems which unfortunately, the solutions have not applied to me.

The only thing I canít try at the moment is to plug in another box as I donít have access to one.

Yours in anticipation.