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    How do i get a new upgraded set up?

    This is a discussion on How do i get a new upgraded set up? within the Sky & Sky+ TV forums, part of the Other Sky help and support category; Can anyone help me please? The Sky box I use is at least 10 years old and I am having ...

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      How do i get a new upgraded set up?

      Can anyone help me please?

      The Sky box I use is at least 10 years old and I am having increasing number of problems with it. I do have a Sky Protect policy but I think I have reached the time when I need to replace it with an upgraded model.
      However, I am confused. Firstly if I got a Sky+ Box - how would I play a DVD? Presumably I would need a DVD player to connect but the one I have now (player/recorder) is temperamental enough already - so does any DVD player work with a Sky box? (NB. I am not that interested in HD and my Sky contract now does not include sport or films which i don't wamt anyway).

      In fact I would like to get a new TV, a new upgraded Sky box and a new DVD player/recorder all at the same time - is it possible to get this, a complete package, from Sky. If not, is there anyone reliable I can get it from? I would much rather get everything from the one supplier so I don't have the grief of trying to integrate the different parts and set the whole system up.
      Any help/guidance would be appreciated. Thanks

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      Re: How do i get a new upgraded set up?

      Sky supply Sky boxes and nothing else. At this time no other manufacturer is licensed to include Sky in their products so you will need at least two items (ie a Sky+HD box and something else).

      Personally I would always buy a TV and a freestanding DVD player (or a Blu-ray player) because if one goes wrong you don't have to replace the other. Most manufacturers sell TV's and DVD/Blu-ray players and the better ones integrate them well.

      Don't forget that many TV's nowadays are 'Smart' TV's with built in Networking so your TV can connect to the Internet for content such as iPlayer. I've bought a Sony TV recently with such features and wouldn't be without it.

      Sky+ HD boxes are the only equipment now supplied new by Sky. You don't need to take HD or any other premium package for these boxes but you can't buy a new Sky basic box anymore.

      The Sky+HD box will connect to your new TV with HDMI and maybe your new DVD player will as well (depends upon what you buy). These are the easiest and best quality output connections so use them if you can.

      Your choice (other then Sky which is a one product offering) are very wide and varied depending upon TV screen size and quality of the media you wish to play via optical disc. Below 37" most people find HD doesn't offer any advantage whereas 37" or above gives a much better image on HD channels.

      The choice is yours!

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      Re: How do i get a new upgraded set up?

      Why not pop into your local Panasonic or Sony centre and have a chat with them? They'll usually do the whole lot for you.

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      Re: How do i get a new upgraded set up?

      Why get a new DVD Player? If you are looking to get a new TV, then a Blu-Ray would be more sensible IMHO. Many Blu-Ray players will 'upscale' a DVD to play better on a HD TV.

      Again, like the TVs, many new Blu-Ray plays have apps to let you stream on-line content such as BBC iPlayer, YouTube,, Picture Box, Daily motion, and lots more.

      It all depends on your budget.

      What I would suggest is that you watch out for a couple of pitfalls:

      HD Ready = Often means that the max resolution is 720p, not the higher 1080p. I saw a 40" TV in ASDA on Sunday which was "HD Ready".

      As for which size of TV to go for, a good guide would be to measure the distance from where you sit to the TV. The distance of the TV should be between 2.5 to 3 times the diagonal. A 40" TV would therefore be suitable for someone who is sitting between 100" to 120" (250cm to 305cm) from the TV.

      As for sound, to be honest many HD TVs have rubbish speakers compared to the speakers found on the older CRT TVs. A surround sound system would be far better and more enjoyable too. Many manufacturers integrate their own TVs with their own sound systems. When this happens you can control the volume, for example, easily with the TV remote.

      Personally I have a Samsung TV & Home Theatre (i.e. surround sound & blu-ray player). Using any remote (Sky, TV or HT) will change the volume. The Sky remote is set up for the TV, so if the HT is off, it still works the volume.

      There are other quirks to look out for when it comes to surround sound. If you want more info, please ask via a new post.

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