Evening all, 1st time poster on here so bear with me!

Just a quick story but yesterday through Sky Active i changed my payment date which is normally on the 11th to the 17th of every month through direct debit.

Wanted to pay some money off my debit card tonight for the month of May when i got home only to find a message on the Sky Billing Service that it has been extended until the 17th of June (so didn't have to make a payment which surprised me)

Now by my estimations the new Bill for the 17th of every month will be done on the 3rd of June so what is going on??? My Current Balance on Sky Active says i owe nothing even though i haven't paid for May when i intended to tonight.

Also the bill i owe money for was generated on the 27th of April... Do i pay the 69.25 or wait until the account is overdue???

Please Help