Hi folks,

I will be moving house late Jan 2011. At the moment, I have Sky+ in the front room, which was upgraded to Sky+ HD Yesturday (4/12/10) self install, and I also have a digi box in the bedroom under multiroom. Joined Sky in March 2009, the phone line was removed in March of this year as it was never used.

Now, the new house we are in the process of buying, has a dish installed, but is very rusty and don't think it has not been used in years.

My questions are:

1). Will sky charge to install a new dish and cable in the new house, if so does anyone know how much?

2). If sky install a new dish and reconnect my old boxes, will they install/connect the dreaded phone line?

I am able to install a new dish and cable myself, worked out to be around 50 for the stuff i need.