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    When did Sky become devious and lie?

    This is a discussion on When did Sky become devious and lie? within the Sky & Sky+ TV forums, part of the Other Sky help and support category; Hello everyone. Time for my rant Sky have messed my billing up. I have been with them less than a ...

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      When did Sky become devious and lie?

      Hello everyone. Time for my rant

      Sky have messed my billing up. I have been with them less than a month and my bill has been totally messed up.

      I originally joined with 2 1 packs, Sky Sports 1 and Sky Broadband . Total a month 50.50.

      I got a email from them stating what my bill was and my first part payment and then my full payment of 50.50.

      I got an email in on August 11th stating that I would receive Sky Sports 2,3 and 4 at no extra cost for 3 months till the 15th of October. Great I thought. To be honest I knew I was going to get this as a call centre person told me just after I had ordered sky and it was on as soon as the guy installed the dish. Anyway it was good to know it was free via the email.

      Anyway when I got my sky dish installed the record function on the sky+ box wouldn't work. The installation guy said it would be on in 24 hours no probs, if not just ring up sky+ box support and it would be sorted. TBH I didn't need it on the first weeks with sky and left it and I eventually rang up on the 13th of August.

      The phone call went normally. I stated my problem and the women on the phone sorted it out her end. I ran back to the TV to check it and it worked fine. Great I thought, but just before I put the phone down she tried to offer me a free trial of some package which I'm 90% certain was for sky sports. I told her I had a free taster of the full sky sports package till the 15th of October. 'Oh hmnn' she said 'ok thanks for your call anything else I can help you with'. No no.

      Alll fine and dandy, or so it seemed. The following Tuesday I got a new subscription letter through the post and how much I'd be paying. I thought hold on a minute. my next payment which should have been 50.50 was now 71.86. What the hell???

      I looked at the bill and noticed that my original subscription of '2 Pack with Sports 1' had been cancelled and it slowly dawned on my that it was the day I had phoned up to get my record function on my sky box working (13/08/10).

      13/08/2010 - credit for cancellation of 2 pack with sports pack 1

      and my new subscription is 2 pack with sports pack which I was now paying since 13/08

      I rang up CS straight away. I got put through to an U.K. call centre. I told him the problem and he said credits can only be made after 30 days but for this he will make an exception and speak to his team leader. He got back on the phone to me and said hid team leader had agreed to the credit after he explained to him that why would I upgrade to the full sports pack when I had a 3 month sampler of SS 2,3 and 4. He assured me that I would get a credit straight away and everything would be sorted.

      Anyway I've just check my Sky bill online and nothing has been changed and my bank account will be debited 71.86 tomorrow.

      WTF 100 almost for less than one month with sky (after the 10 joining and 25.29 I paid on the 14th) straight out of my bank account! They are seriously taking the ***** now. I tried ringing before but it was too long a wait.

      What is the best course of action now? I'm going to ring back early tomorrow and speaker to someone. I'd like to email a complaint to sky also. What is the best email address to use?

      To be honest this whole incident has made me think twice about Sky. If a friend asked me now about joining I would not recommend this company any more. They have already put a downer on my sky experience less than one month in.

      Thanks for reading.

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      Re: When did Sky become devious and lie?

      You may find the credit applied to your next bill. Sky's billing systems work on a monthly cycle and if the adjustment has missed the DD deadline then you have to wait till next time.

      Just be patient, keep an eye on your bills, and keep on at Sky CS till they sort it out. Keep it simple - you asked for SS1 and got the full sports which you never asked for. Don't say anything about the free SS2,3 & 4 (that's automatic until Oct 15 for anyone with one sports channel, it's controlled through the viewing cards, not the billing system so CS won't know for sure whether you have it or not).

      With Sky, sometime you win, most times you lose when it comes to payments

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      Re: When did Sky become devious and lie?

      Phone your bank and dispute the Direct Debit. Under the rules of the Direct Debit scheme, banks are obliged to refund disputed DD's immediately. However, some of your Sky channels will stop working when you do this.



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