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    Subscription Confusion

    This is a discussion on Subscription Confusion within the Sky & Sky+ TV forums, part of the Other Sky help and support category; Hi all, 1st post, please be gentle. Have had Sky+ with a multiroom subscription for a couple of years now, ...

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      Subscription Confusion

      Hi all, 1st post, please be gentle.

      Have had Sky+ with a multiroom subscription for a couple of years now, month or so ago, the standard box in our room died. We never got round to replacing it as well it was never on the important list ! We also never cancelled the multiroom either.

      Anyway, after much nagging by the wife, i phoned up sky to cancel the multiroom, which all went through no problem, however whilst i was on the sky site looking for the right telephone number i noticed their current HD deal.

      This was free HD box and install if you take out a multiroom sub and the HD sub........


      So after checking with the missus i ordered the HD, got a confirmation through from sky, free HD, free install + 10 for multiroom + 10 for HD pack. On top of our 22 a month ( dont have movies or sports ) = 42 a month. No problem

      HD install day came, engineers turned up, installed HD, moved old Sky+ box upstairs, everything working nicely.

      Same day i recieve a letter from sky confirming the follwoing

      Sky+ install 99 charge........wha? i already have sky+

      2 x multiroom subscriptions @ 10 each
      1 x HD pack subscription @ 10

      Sky are now claiming i have 2 multiroom subscriptions when i only have 1. They think i have 3 sky boxes and will not listen to me telling them that i dont.

      The 99 charge according to them was an error letter ( still took it from my bank mind you, refunded now ) but i'm having real trouble getting my subscription right as sky just will not listen.

      Any advice on who the best dept to speak to at sky is?


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      Re: Subscription Confusion

      I had a similar problem while being charged for both Sky+ AND Sky+ HD:

      You just have to keep on to them... in the end, I demanded to speak to a manager and they resolved the issue, credited me and gave me 3 months Sky World for half price!

      I was telling THEM what the problem was - they had no idea at all!
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      Re: Subscription Confusion

      Quote Originally Posted by Si36 View Post
      free HD box and install if you take out a multiroom sub and the HD sub
      If you read the offer carefully it says exactly what you posted above. You get a free box with a new multiroom subscription. So if you already have 1 multiroom, you need to upgrade to a second one to qualify for the offer. Cancelling multiroom and reinstating it the same day won't count.

      You could try asking when you can cancel your original multiroom package - if it's a month or two then you've still got the box for a good price.

      rhonddapaul - this doesn't sound like your problem, you were wrongly charged two TV subs, this is doubling up on multiroom.

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      Re: Subscription Confusion

      I think you may have made a mistake in not allowing some time to pass before upgrading. If the cancellation went through at the same time as the upgrade, with multi room, Sky may see this as an attempt to get a free HD box without fulfilling their conditions. Maybe a letter to Sky explaining what happened will get a result, I don't think you will get anywhere on the phone.


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