Hi all,

Sorry to join your forum and make my first post a question but I couldn't find the answer for my question listed anywhere so I've summed up the courage to ask it myself. (long time viewer, first time poster and all that)

My Sky+ box/viewing card has developed a fault where the 'free' music channels (flava,vault etc) are not longer working I keep getting the message No satellite signal is being received. I reported the fault to sky and they tried a reset over the phone but they still don't work they are either very blocky and freeze or no picture / sound is received at all. Sky have now offered to come and fix the fault for me on Wednesday (for free after I tried to cancel when they wanted to charge me a 65 call out). This is my 3rd sky + box I have had in 4 years but this most recent one was actually a new box not a recondition one (phew).

I think this fault has only started happening since I put the new viewing card in. The current box is a pace one (not sure of model number as I'm currently at work) I currently only have the basic subscription from sky though they have given me 25% off for 6 months when I asked for a discount when my employer dropped my salary by 20%.

Would a manual reset of the box by myself do any good - and how do I do this or has anybody else had the same problem / fault.

I know the music channels my be rubbish in some peoples opinion but 'her-indoors' likes them !