Hello there - new today, so apologies if this sort of thing has been covered.

I was converted to Sky+ over the weekend, and at first everything seemed fine. However, last night when I got in I copied the G.O.L.D broadcast of 'Fawlty Towers Re-Opened' from the HD of my recorder to a disc, so I could watch it upstairs whilst my wife watched something else downstairs on the TV.

I noticed a couple of quite distracting 'pauses' in recording whilst watching the disc...at first I thought there'd been a problem in the broadcast - two or three times about 5 seconds or so seemed to be missing from the recording.

Intrigued, I went downstairs to try recording from Sky+ to my Sony's HDD and sure enough, I saw a 'Copy Protected Area' warning on screen (generated from my Sony) and the recording paused for a few seconds before continuing.

I only lost about 15 seconds from the two hours (although I forwarded through the ads) but it did seem odd. Tried G.O.L.D this morning, and the same thing happened - not sure it's the channel anyway.

Has anyone noticed anything similar ? I've seen threads about copy protection problems but none of them seem like this....a few seconds at a time.

I'm inclined to go back to my old box - had no problems whatsoever with that.

If anybody has any ideas, I'd be very grateful....