I had a refurbished Sky+ box fitted a couple of days ago as my old hard drive packed up. However when the Sky engineer came he told me that it would take a couple of hours for the Sky movies to come online. 24 hours later no movies! Call Sky go through procedure movies back on, apparently box was not reset properly!!

Today Monday I come home from work about 4pm check planner for something I had recorded earlier, see a Box office film is on planner, I highlight it and the film Mama Mia is playing. Scroll up to channel 703 and am able to get Mama Mia. I did not order this film and there is no-one in the house all day. Called Sky there is no record of me ordering this film he said i was to check my bill next month to see if I had been charged.

Any explanations? I did not order this film I took the lliberty of checking other box office channels and it asked for my pin number etc.