I have a 36" widescreen TV and when I set my Amstrad Sky+ box display setting to 16:9 the picture on the TV fills the screen (Any sky active red button is shown in the picture in the top right hand corner.) However after the TV has been turned off and the Sky+ box in standby, when the equipment is turned back on, the picture displayed is a letter box format with a dark band above and below the picture. (The sky active red button is in the dark space above the picture).

If I go into the sky+ picture settings it still shows as 16:9 (on both inputs). However if I change them to 4:3 (or 4:3L) and then back to 16:9, once again my TV displays the picture in full!

Does anyone know what is going on here because it's a right royal pain in the ass. When in letter box I'm losing nearly 50% of my potential picture, and resetting it everytime I watch TV is not really acceptable. Do I have a faulty box?

Any help or advice would be much appreciated