First post here so be gentle (I have searched the forum but was not able to find a similar thread)

I have a Nuts TV loyalty card that uses the interactive slot on the Sky boxes. I got the card about 10 days ago, at the time I had a Pace PVR3 and had no problems using the card.

Over the weekend I upgraded to Sky+ HD and I now have a Samsung box, I have inserted the card in to the interactive slot at the front of the box with the gold chip and the "press red for interactive" message facing upwards, however when I tune to Nuts TV and press Red I get a message "your card is being read" this just stays on screen, It does not switch to the points balance pop up

Has anyone got any idea on what the problem might be?

I realise that the chances of someone here a) having a Nuts Card and b) using it in a samsung Sky+ HD box are probably small