Hello, first post so apologies if something of this query is covered already on the site.

We have a standard Sky digital setup, no HD or Sky+. A few months ago we started to get lots of missing channels and I took advantage of my cover policy to get an engineer out. He decided our old Grundig receiver had given up the ghost and swapped it for an Amstrad set top box, which I think is reconditioned rather than new. That cured the missing channels, but a couple of issues have arisen.

The most important one is interferance which I'm pretty certain was not present before the box was swapped. This consists of diagonal lines from top left to bottom right, not moving, but very noticeable against a green background (saw it first on a football match) or on a blue background. I've tried changing the set-up and disconnected the Sky box, plugging the aerial straight into the back of the TV (remember when that was as complicated as it got?!) and as far as I could tell the lines were gone. Reconnect the Sky box and they're back, so I'm assuming it's not the TV (which is a Sharp and is about six years old if that makes any difference).

I've done a software update on the Sky box with no improvement, so decided it was time to ask for help from those more in the know!

Second query is less serious - has anyone else had trouble accessing the free to play 'Beehive Bedlam' game on Sky Games? I can't recall if it vanished about the same time the box was changed and is linked or is something else.

Any help appreciated, thanks.