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    Long Running SKY Problem..

    This is a discussion on Long Running SKY Problem.. within the Sky & Sky+ TV forums, part of the Other Sky help and support category; I'm on here on behalf of my dad. I used to own the SKY at my dad's house. The box ...

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      Long Running SKY Problem..

      I'm on here on behalf of my dad.

      I used to own the SKY at my dad's house. The box in it's ninth year was still going strong.

      One day is we were getting a compant to put up plastic drains and such one of them pushed our SKY dish down on the wall fitting. Putting it off-kilter from that day on.

      Days later we notices alot of our newer channels & +1 channels were weaker and pixelated. Crackling etc.

      Contacted SKY to have some engineer come out at the cost of 60 to realign the dish.

      Well Sir...he didn't do it right. He looked at the SKY TV for 2 minutes and said it was all done. From that day...the picutre still hadn't improved. And we paid 60 for the privelige.

      I have since moved out of the house. Cancelling my SKY after 9 years.
      My dad signed up as a new customer. My dad couldn't be at the house on the day of installation. I said to my dad...that we should have the engineer put up a new dish etc.

      My sister witnessed the installation instead. The engineer said the dish at our house was fine. And used the prior wiring (back of house to living room) and the prior SKY phone/tv connection...with the old dish.

      Hey dad gets a nice new box. And even if the engineer DID look at the dish...the reception on this new the same as the old one (even though SKY were convinced the old box was the problem).

      I blame the dish. The nudged dish. The dish we paid 60 to realign but effectively wasnt... and wasnt tweaked when the newer SKY was installed.

      I basically would like to know were I stand for a free call out to have an engineer come out to either put a new dish up (and tune it in 100% this time) or possibly spend time actually checking all the channels are fine before leaving.

      I do not believe my dad should get charged for another call out for a dish that SKY knew (from previous calls & have record of SKY engineer dish fix) could have been causing problems....and they didnt check the new SKY was 100% tuned.

      We now have a new SKY service being paid for that SKY on two occasions hasn't checked to see if the dish was causing the problems.

      If I hadv'e been there when it was installed. I would've asked the engineer to put a new dish on the previous bracket...and align it...and do what every other installer does....come into the living room and check the box is picking it all up ok.

      Can I pull tihs free visit from SKY off? And has this happened to anyone before? Please help?!?!?!
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      Re: Long Running SKY Problem..

      new install is under warranty so no callout charge should be billed for realingment of dish i would also ask for at the very least a new lnb to be fitted

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      Re: Long Running SKY Problem..

      also, what signal are you getting? should be over 50/60%, what signal lock are you getting? should be at least 50%.

      if this is fine, then definately an LNB.. when they come out - ask them to check to make sure your receiving all the transponders.



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