Over on the Sky Forum in the section where the new EPG has been discussed, there is a thread asking for suggestions to be made to the EPG.

There are a host of minor 'tweaks' that people have requested, such as 5.1 sound through the HDMI lead, 24 hour clock and adjustable transparencies. The issue over the search facility has been also included as a major point.

There are some new tweaks coming to the Sky+ HD STB (all bar the Thomson model) and also the SkyHD STB very soon. They won't all satisfy the extras that the Virgin TiVo can currently offer though. With the current pattern of being able to record on two channels, whilst watching one of them, or something that was previously recorded, there are not many occasions when you actually need a 3rd recording item in my personal experience. With large families I can imagine that there would be more though.

Since many of the new episodes are available trough Anytime/Showcase or Anytime+, there is a host of additional material which is always available.

I would love the Sky+ HD STB to be able to record material on NAS drives or external drives. The connections are available, but Sky hasn't yet done this. I understand that the TiVo used in the USA can, but not the TiVo used by VM. However Sky is currently working on amending the firmware on the SkyHD STB and the Sky Go application so that you can watch any recordings on the Sky+ HD STB on other devices on your home network and over the Internet (in the case of Sky Go).

There are some developments which I am aware of which are due for release later this year. I don't have details which can be shared at present, but they do look interesting. Unfortunately they don't include having 4 tuners/LNB ports.