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Yes we have line rental with BT, and we have Sky television package and broadband.
Sky used to offer this but I thought they had swapped everyone to being on the 'Sky network'? If not, get your line switched across (or broadband to BT) and get it all sorted.

To be frank, people are trying to help by asking you to post your line stats etc. this might identify something that has been missed with snr, noise etc. If you cant be bother to do what's asked (not to sound rude) but why the hell keep moaning and posting on here for the last 3 years

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On a side note, since receiving the new router with the old firmware on from SKY, my line has now been solid for 2 days, rather than disconnect 4-5 times a day.

Now we see what happens when it gets pushed out the new firmware and if the weird disconnects return.

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