Hi all - hoping someone can assist before I have to make the dreaded call to Sky!

There are times of the day my broadband speeds nose dive. I'm on Unlimited and get around 15meg download, even wirelessly on my iPhone.

However, sometimes (and I think it's more in the evening, although I haven't done any conclusive time of day testing seeing as I'm at work during the day) the download speed is pretty non-existent to the point I've switched to 3G.

When it's like this I would do speed test and the pings would be in there high hundreds with download speed less than a meg. I then noticed that if I ran concurrent speed tests, 2, 3 sometimes 4 in a row, the speeds would return back to what I'd expect. 30-40 pings and 14-15meg download.

It's almost like I have to force my router to do some hardwork with a speed test for it to wake up and perform for normal browsing. I know that is complete rubbish, but that's what it feels like!

Any ideas anyone?