Hi all,

Hope someone can help with this.

I have recently been bought a D-link N300 DIR-636L Cloud router as I have a lot of films on a hard drive that I want to be able to have access to in hospital when I am there as I am ill and spend a lot of time bored and unable to sleep too.

Simply I have a 3tb HDD to connect to the D-link which can be connected to the Sagem by an Ethernet cable by attaching it to one of the ethernet ports on the Sagem and the internet port on the Dlink. However the D-link will then not connect to the internet. I am sure I am missing something simple, but I am not very good at these things and my sight is bad due to my diabetic retinopathy. Can anyone give me some help like a step by step guide on what to do or some other guidance about how I can just use the Sagem to view the films on the cloud or remotely?

Help is much appreciated.