I am just after a bit of advice, and apologise in advance as I am not very techy.

I currently access the US version of Netflix on my PS3 by changing the dns servers on the ps3 to ublockus dns servers and this has been working fine until recently.

Netflix have now changed something and this is no longer possible to access the US servers without a workaround of setting up static routes or blocking the ps3 from accessing certain IP addresses as detailed on this website.
Netflix PS3 probelm | tunlr.net

Now from what I can gather, this is not possible on the sky hub (sr101). Can anybody please advise the best/cheapest solution to achieve this?

Is it possible just to buy a cheap new router (with the static routing capabilities) and connect it (wired) in between the sky hub and the ps3 and block the ip addresses that way? or do I need to replace the router completely with a better one? (I am aware that I will need to get username password etc)

Ideally I dont want to spend huges amounts of money on a new router to replace the sky hub as this is the only problem I have with it, so I am just after a bit of advice as what might be the best solution to this problem.

Apologies again as I am not an expert, so please excuse any ignorance/silly questions