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    Router not working

    This is a discussion on Router not working within the Sky Router forums, part of the Sky Broadband help category; Iv had a sagem for three years and over the last couple of weeks it keeps going to just two ...

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      Router not working

      Iv had a sagem for three years and over the last couple of weeks it keeps going to just two lights the first two. Rung up the first time an was told ist the micro filter. While I was still on the phone the sky lady did something an it came back on even tho I never touched the filter. Yesterday it did it again so I first changed the filter but no success. So I rung sky. First person said its a break in firmware. Have I got a sky disc. I said I have but it's from when I moved to this house which was three years ago. He said it will still work to reset router. After nearly forty min of messing about because he didn't know what he was doing it wouldn't work. An said I have to buy new router for seventy pound. After I checked online at possible causes (through my 3G) found out it is the firmware. So I rung back up and was told I need a newer sky disc to download firmware. Also there is cheaper router. I now have to wait three to five days for it an it might not even work. Also found out that it is the firmware that's causing myself and a lot more costumers so many problems. But because am out of warranty I have to pay. I am not happy. One do I have to pay an extra seventy plus pounds every couple of years on top of the eighty plus pounds sky takes every month. An two it's sky's firmware update that has left me with no Internet or on demand services for however long this is going to take to sort out. Iv been with sky at two address now for nearly ten years iv had a few problems over this time but have expected the odd hiccup. But I am not willing to pay for another router for it to do the same next time sky wants to mess with there firmware. Virgin looking like getting a new costumer very shortly.

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      Re: Router not working

      Firstly welcome to SkyUser.

      There are some acknowledged issues with a recent firmware update and thanks to the membership here and some people posting on the official Sky forums, the roll-out has not only been stopped, but also those who had received it are getting their routers wound back to the previous version.

      There is a download available to help you, but it might be prudent to confirm which firmware you actually have installed on your router first.

      Could you please log in to your router, click the 'Maintenance' button and copy and paste the version number in this thread please?

      Also you never actually said what your problems were. The only issue I know of at the moment with the latest firmware is related to repeated disconnections. Anything else should be investigated separately. If this is the case, then please can you post your router's connection statistics as well.

      How to get your Sky Router statistics

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      Re: Router not working

      For clarity, you say you've had the Sagem for three years and you're getting the top two lights? You've most likely got the old 2504 which usually starts showing power supply unit issues with any of the following lights:

      - Power and test light solid green;
      - Power light only;
      - Red internet @ light;
      - LAN 1, 2, 3 and 4 all lit green.

      If the above sounds about right, then grab another 12v power supply unit, swap it for the existing one and see how it fares.



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