From the feedback in the beta group, those that had been using the Sagem 2504N were sure that the signal was marginally better.

As for Sky's speed testing results, that test specifically claimed that the throughput was better compared to the routers used by other ISPs.

In my own speed tests I was able to hammer the Sky Hub SR101 at a maximum of around 80mbps for data transfer from my NAS to my laptop and back to the NAS. This is coincidently the maximum that you would get on a 100MB Ethernet connection, which the Hub has 4 of.

The relevant specs of my Laptop were:

  • Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 Network adapter
  • located approximately 2m from the router

The NAS was connected to the Sky Hub via a Gigabit network switch (or 2) & a mixture of Cat 6 & Cat 5e cabling. The last leg from the network switch to the Sky Hub is limited to 100mb as that is the connection speed of the Sky Hub SR101 ports. The files were large files as small ones tend to be slower.

I do not have the specific details of what was used in Sky's WiFi speed test and how it was arranged.