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    New F@ST2504N

    This is a discussion on New F@ST2504N within the Sky Router forums, part of the Sky Broadband help category; I received a new F@ST2504N today and got it up and running within a few minutes. It replaces an old ...

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      New F@ST2504N

      I received a new F@ST2504N today and got it up and running within a few minutes. It replaces an old netgear whos wi-fi signal was dropping out sometimes.

      However I think there is a mistake in the name F@ST. I've never had a slower router. My downstream connection speed has dropped by 1Mbps although they might be doing DLN just now, that said my upload speed is at 797, not 794 as it seems to sit at during DLN.

      It gets worse. The wi-fi link is as slow as anything. I've selected a channel that is the least congested rather than letting it sit at auto. I have a Galaxy S3 connected at 5Mbps. Yes, five. My old Netgear a/b/g router at least gave a constant 54Mbps. Initially it connected at 72Mbps, still short of the 144Mbps I was expecting. No idea what the ipad connects at, there doesn't seem to be an app that measures ipad to router speeds on non jail broken devices. My laptop cannot connect at all via wi-fi, only wired. There also seems to be some sort of sleep mode. The ipad is dropping its connection when it goes to sleep and I find I have to manually re-connect to the wi-fi signal when I wake it up. Something I've never had to do when using the old router.

      Unfortunately I'm on MER and using your own kit seems a hassle to get round this. I've phone sky who after an argument decided the best course of action was to send me another one. The bloke on the phone took some convincing that the router was not working as advertised. Perhaps they don't have that option on their scripts in front of them!

      The router seems like a waste of time. Would I be better just sticking to my old one and putting my own wi-fi access point in front of it?

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      Re: New F@ST2504N

      Initially it connected at 72Mbps, still short of the 144Mbps I was expecting.
      That's because it is operating on a single channel as most phones do. Have a look at this thread for a fuller explanation.-

      If your laptop is not connecting and other devices are, it suggests your laptop is not set up properly. It may be still looking for your old router and can't find it? What happens when you click the wireless icon in the Tray and select Search for wireless networks? Does the Sky network come up?

      With regards your own modem/router, although your existing router is connecting using MER, you may still be able to use PPPoA, many lines can. You will not know until you try.


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      Useful Utilites TCPOptimiser /Test Socket

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