My Broad band keeps dropping out after 15 minutes oe so, even the wifi I have tried connecting my laptop via ethernet as well, but it drops out as well I run Windows XP pro
I have my broadband with Sky (I dont have any problem getting my Sky TV or BB from them)

I have had 2 engineers out to check the line, they said they rectified the faults, but never said what it was though I have had 2 new routers from Sky, another on the way I have tried all I know,

I have had the Sky people run all there tests, so far nothing has been found at fault Is it my PC ?

Is it the ethernet card ?

Is it the router(s)

Is it the line ?

Is there a program out there that can check if my ethernet card is at fault ?

I have put a new one in, but that may or may not be faulty I really dont have a clue what is wrong here, but it has been like this since Christmas 2011 Help or advice would be appreciated


I have 2 Netgear routers from Sky (I think I may have posted this question here before, if I have, apoligies, but the problem still remains)

I have tried device manager, says its fine, checked the settings, they look okay, but I dont really know