I'm on Unlimited using a Draytek 2820 (PPoA etc) and used to rent my line from BT.

My data speed was about 15Mbps down and 0.67Mbps up with the BT line (routing through an Easynet server).

I decided to move the line from BT to Sky. The Sky line rental went live and now am routed through a Sky server (not Easynet's).

I'm still using PPoA and the Draytek but some sites and speed tests give a speed of less than 1Mbps down. Swapping the Draytek for Sky's D-LINK DSL-2640S (it automatically logs in using MER) gives about 14.5Mbps down and 1Mbps up.

I suspect the lack of a MER login on the Draytek is the issue with my LLU exchange/Sky server.

Any thoughts on how to use the Draytek under the new regime?