I switched to Sky BB last week and very happy with the service for my personal stuff, which all connected okay

My problem arises with trying to connect my work laptop using wifi to my
Sagemcom F@ST2504n router.

Laptop has a vodafone VPN client on it which I use with ethernet connection, wifi or mobile 3g dongle when away from the office. With a cabled connection to the Sky router can connect okay, but with wifi the vodafone client refuses to connect. Put in all my Sky router password etc but does not want to connect

Spoke to Sky CS a few times last week and they said they no longer lock the ports on their routers for VPN, so is not their problem

Have therefore asked my IT to speak to vodafone but we have heard nothing back so far

Was wondering if anyone else had a similar problem with the vodafone VPN client and hopefully how you fixed it