Just for information purposes I can conclude that, at least on my line, the DGN1000 doesn't support Anytime+ properly.

Don't get me wrong the DGN1000 is a fine router with excellent wireless N connectivity but:

- had a Sky outer that broke so replaced it with a DGN1000. Connected to Sky ok.
- then got Anytime+ and it wouldn't connect. Manage to get another Sky router off Sky and that automatically connected to Anytime+
- DGN1000 would connect to Anytime+ for a short while (days) but then lost it. Reconnecting Sky router sorted it.
- bought a 2nd hand Netgear DGN3500. That just plugs in and Anytime+ is accessible.

No reason why it shouldn't work but be warned anyone wanting to by a good cheap wireless N router instead of the Sky one - the DGN1000 might have issues with Anytime+