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    Do I buy a replacement Sky or non Sky router

    This is a discussion on Do I buy a replacement Sky or non Sky router within the Sky Router forums, part of the Sky Broadband help category; I posted in a thread here a while ago about the issues I have had getting a non Sky supplied ...

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      Do I buy a replacement Sky or non Sky router

      I posted in a thread here a while ago about the issues I have had getting a non Sky supplied Netgear DGN1000 router working with Anytime+ and the fact that it won't for me. As soon as I plug the Sky supplied Sagem in bobs yer uncle and Anytime+ activates. I then plug the DGN1000 back in and Anytime+ works for days, weeks but eventually stops working. Plus the Sagem back in and it works etc etc. Apart from Anytime+ the DGN1000 works fine

      Anyway I can't be bothered with this anymore. I consider the DGN1000 superior to the Sagem if only for wireless coverage and the fact that it has got 'N' support. Although it isn't bad for configuring as well.

      So I have a few options based around living with what I have got or getting a replacement.

      So a few questions:

      - do I buy the new Sagem router off Sky (with 'N' support) and if so will it match my current DGN1000 in performance / features (I have fixed IP, forwarding, ports open etc to help with things like the Xbox)

      - do I buy a non Sky router that will work with Anytime+ - I know Scubbie has said that the DGN2000 worked with Anytime+ (although you are now using its big brother and I don't want to spend that much on a router).

      Any advice gratefully received.

      Oh and I'm a Yorkshireman so don't want to spend much more than 40-50

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      Re: Do I buy a replacement Sky or non Sky router

      With regards to how the Sagem 2504N will perform over WiFi compared to the DGN1000, you really need to check the specs for the WiFi adaptors that you currently have.

      The DGN1000 is rated to 150mb/s. Could you check using inSSIDer whether this is on two paired channels or a single channel?

      The Sagem 2504N works at a max of 144mb/s over a single channel.

      The adaptor I used to have in my Laptop would connect at the 150mb/s over two channels, but only 72mb/s over a single channel. So if the DGN1000 works over two channels, then it would give me more than double the connection speed of the Sagem.

      My new WiFi adaptor in my laptop connects at a maximum of 300mb/s so would have no problem connecting at the full speed on both routers.

      Both routers support the 100mb LAN speed. Neither have a USB port. Both routers support WPS.

      The Sagem 2504N supports Sky's MER implementation. The Netgear DGN1000 will not at present. The Sagem 2504N is also reported to be ready for Sky's FTTC setup.

      As for Anytime+, most routers designed for the home market are fine.

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